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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Science journal week 9

 Week 9 week

Angle launchers
We had two launchers, so we had two groups. We recorded the results of the shot out ping pong balls. The distance for the short range setting was around 95 cm. For the medium range we only got two shots but the average was 1.65 meters. The first shot that we did was 14.5 meters long. The the best shot was 14.5m but that was when we counted where it stopped then we were told that it was where it bounced. The best angle for distance was 45 degrees, and it went 1.70.

Slingshot rockets
This week I am going to tell you about slingshot rockets and how they work. Slingshot rockets are made out of rubber bands, paper,paper clips an ice block stick and a straw. The rubber band is for elastic potential energy to make it fly. The paper is a piece of the rocket to make a feather for the plane to go further but it actually goes further without the feather. The paper clips are for grabbing the rubber bands to fire it. The ice block stick is to help pull the rubber band for elastic energy. The straw is to hold the feathers to feather and that is why you need the appointment. A slingshot rocket is fast but it only goes like 6 to 10 meters.

Flipping frogs
Now I will tell you about flipping frogs they are meant to jump high and look like frogs when they jump. When I made a flipping frog it went about 27cm which is not very good compared with Quinn’s. His went over a meter. Anyway flipping frogs are launched by elastic potential energy.

by Murphy & Zack

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Onager vs trebuchet

Onager VS Trebuchet week 8.
We have been working on onager (a catapult ) and today we are testing it against the Trebuchet. We are showing you the differences and the similarities below.

We have noticed a difference that the onager goes faster but lower. The reason why that it is might be because the onager is smaller but it has more power than the trebuchet. The onager also has a lower arch so it goes more powerful, but it doesn't go as far as the Trebuchet. We wonder if the onager in the old days was used for close-range battle.

We have also notice that the onager takes less time to fire the projectile than the trebuchet. We think that the trebuchet takes longer because it has a longer arm so it takes more time to fire the projectile than the onager.
We wonder what would happen if the onager was the same size as the trebuchet.

This is a rope on the onager that makes it have so much power.
The onager has a twisted rope making torsion, that makes the ropes want to in twist really fast when the person pulls the rope. We have an example just above. We wonder how they invented this type of idea to make the onager a better machine.

Overall we think that the trebuchet is better for long distance or to break down walls and the onager is better at close range battles or to break down the enemies walls at close range.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Wainui Camp

When we were orienteering at a cold and damp Wainui, I felt proud when I proved my friends wrong. I proved them wrong because they said to go one way and I said to go the other way so I exclaimed that you need to go that way so I told them to go there way and I will go my way. They did and I went my way. Guess what? I found it and the same thing happened again.

Later that night I was in the best dream in my life and then this flash of light plunged into my eyes.  I bolted awake. I asked “Who did that?”
“Murphy,” every one said. I stared  at Murphy with beady eyes. He did not reply and just walked in leaving the light on. ‘‘You have no respect for others do you Murphy?’’ as he slapped the door, he walked slowly over to his bed saying you just woke up so fast. I told him that when the lights turn on there is this flash of light that is like a lightning bolt that just flashes thru your eye lids. So I said for him to shut his eyes and I said that I will turn off the light.  So I did. Then I turned on the lights on and he agreed that it does happen.

That day we did search and rescue. ‘‘We ask what to do,’’ every one said. Our camp helper is like the coolest help in the camp I forgot what his name is. Sophie was asked to go die out on the grass. She went to do that and she was running but then she fell over.  Then we had to bring a part of a tent and two big sticks. Three of us had hold on to her. One person had to hold on to her head, one held onto her hips (I had to hold on to her hips) and someone had to hold on to her feet. The tent bit was going to be the bit that held her up and the sticks held the tent and they were the handles. Now that we did that we got to do the fun bit - it was hide and seek in the forest. The first group was I think Sophie, Matilda and someone else. Then Kingston, Harry and Murphy went. In my group was Nevaeh, Aaliyah and me. We ran down to the river and then went down on the bank of the river and hid behind a rock. About 15 minutes later they had not found us. Then the instructor came on the walkie-talkie and said that we had to come back to home base (so that meant that we won the hide and seek). When we got back, we told the instructor where we hid.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sneaky me reflection

Self reflection
For my sneaky writing I think that my bright sparks words are relational because I used 4 bright words and I know when to use them. My punctuation is a unistructural because I only used full stops and Mrs Pageot corrected some my mistakes - she is like my mother because she fixes up my mistakes but not all the time.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 4:trebuchet

Week 4 trebuchet : This week we did a catapult we are looking for the forces in the trebuchet. I found out there is a force when you pull the cord to launch the trebuchet. There is also a gravity force that it helps bring the weights down to the ground faster. When we changed the ball to a heavier ball the ball did not go as far because the required more weights than the other ball. The furthest shot was 32.0 meters with 22 bars. The shortest shot was 8.2 meters with 4 bars. I wonder what will happen if we did it on the concrete because the bounce might make it bounce further than on the grass. What will happen if I change put in two cricket balls in instead of one ball. The wind resistance plays a big part in this because if the wind is blowing hard to the left it will not go in the direction the trebuchet is pointing. My data gathering is relational because I have gathered data and I know what will happen if it happens. My inference are multi-structure because I have done three inferences.

Week 3 drag

 WEEK 3 drag: Well we did not do this much this week because we had trouble setting up then we were trying to put the tape the straw and the balloon. We had two rolls string so we put the one with the paper on top string and the balloon that was normal on the bottom. We found out that if you put on a piece of paper on the top the balloon it will still go as far as usual but if you put it on the front it make an effort to move but it will not move.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sneaky me

I crept  into my sister's bedroom, so quiet that you could only hear the wind blowing onto the window. As silent as a mouse. I was commando crawling looking for Hannah’s Easter eggs then I saw them and I snapped them out of her bed. Suddenly my sister was awake, she was probably looking for her Easter eggs. I lay there as if I was paralysed. When she went to lie down I started to get the taste of the chocolate in my mouth. I crawled out of Hannah’s room. Then I hear the floorboards squeaking. I thought it was the Easter bunny. But it was just my dog Max. I told him to be very quiet. Then the most terrifying thing in the world -he started to lick me yuck! And then I heard silent footsteps coming my way. I was so scared that my muscles went rigid and my face was deathly pale. From my bedroom there was white stuff coming out of the darkness, my cat as white as sheep’s fur and her face as black as the underworld. She walked to the door and started to meow. Quickly, I needed to get into to my bed without making any noise. Quick now go go go and Sh Sh Sh.

By Zack killick.